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Montreal Large Posters Fast Printing

Usually ship out within 2-3 business days or next business day
Posters printing in Montreal Matte Polypropylene Posters Gloss PVC film PVC film Posters Matte Polypropylene Posters Gloss PVC film Posters

Montreal large posters printing. These posters are printed on a 8 mil matte poly or 6 mil gloss PVC film, they are waterproof and the best photo quality result output, the 10 mil matte coated paper also the high photo quality result, but it's not waterproof.

High printing quality up to 2880dpi.

Custom size is available, please contact us for a quote.

Ideas for

  • Shop Window Posters
  • Wall Posters
  • Concert Posters
  • Movie Posters
  • Special Event
  • Window Displays
  • Wedding Photo
  • and much more...

Large Posters Details

  • Material10 mil matte coated paper or 8 mil matte poly (waterproof) or 6 mil gloss PVC film (waterproof)
  • CoatingNo Coating
  • ColorFull color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0)
  • Sizes (inch)20x24, 24x24, 24x36, 24x48, 24x60, 24x72, 24x84, 36x36, 36x48, 36x60, 36x72, 36x84
  • FinishingCut to size
  • Cut-off time11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
    Orders later than this time will begin production next business day.
  • Turnaround 2-3 business days or next business day
  • Please note that all turnaround times are production times that do not include shipping time. Shipping time depends on destination as well as method of delivery. Turnaround times are based on estimates. Unforeseen technical issues may result in delays in production time.

    Turnaround times begin once your order has been successfully submitted and artwork has been preflighted OK. Certain products will not begin production until we receive approval of electronic proof.

Artworks Setup

  • File Type:Print Ready PDF file
  • Resolution:300 DPI, Minimum 150 DPI
  • Design Color:CMYK
  • Bleed:No bleed requested


Turnaround is based on Business Days (exclude Weekend and Holiday)

We do not guarantee color matching.

We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your payment.

We do not accept refund when your order has been processed.

We ship to Canada only, Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Taxes and shipping are extra.

Privacy Policy:

We do not store your credit card details, all transfer of your payment information, including credit card handling are used Paypal, we believe that it is safe to provide your credit card information over the Internet.

We do not share your personal information with anyone, including your photos, name, email address, phone no, shipping address, design and all the information of you. The information you enter, send or upload is used to generate your printing projects only.

If you use the "Contact Us" form or send us an email and include your email address, we will use it to respond to your request.

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